Project objectives

The project is devoted to the research in the new high temperature reactor technologies: HTGR – High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor and DFR – Dual Fluid Reactor, which were indicated in the report of the Polish Ministry of Energy Committee for Deployment of High Temperature Reactors. The studies cover all aspects of these Generation IV reactors such as the design, the neutronics and reactor physics, the heat processes as well as the safety analyses.

The project is oriented for:

  • Building an interdisciplinary team of  Ph.D. students
  • Highly advanced research on Gen IV Nuclear Reactors
  • Support for the Polish Nuclear Energy Program


UZ3 seminar 05.12.2023 – Hisham Lotfy Elgendy PhD Defence
4th December 2023
Hisham Lotfy Elgendy NCBJ CFD modeling of dual fluid reactor (DFR) demonstrator (more…)
UZ3 seminar 07.11.2023 – Nairi Baghdasaryan PhD Defence
20th November 2023
Nairi Baghdasaryan NCBJ Modelling and Uncertainty Quantification of Nuclear Fuel Performance in HTGR (more…)
UZ3 seminar 14.11.2023
10th November 2023
dr Sławomir Potempski NCBJ Przegląd prac wykonanych w ramach Polskiego Programu Energetyki Jądrowej (more…)

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