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Inauguration lecture (1st year):

Basic discoveries of Modern Physics leading to exploration of Nuclear Energy – prof. W. Gudowski (3h)

Lecture courses (30h each):

  1. Reactor physics of HTR-s – prof. J. Cetnar
  2. Fundamentals of reactor physics – prof. W. Gudowski
  3. Basic design of the DFR – prof. K. Czerski
  4. Coupled neutronics and thermalhydraulics for the DFR – prof. R. Macian-Juan
  5. Pyrochemical Processing Unit (PPU) for the MSR and DFR – prof. K. Czerski
  6. Modelling of nuclear reactor physics by Monte Carlo Method – prof. J. Cetnar
  7. Mathematical methods in high temperature nuclear engineering – prof. M. Dąbrowski
  8. Multiphysics reactor analysis – prof. T. Kozłowski
  9. DFR safety – prof. M. Dąbrowski
  10. Critical assemblies for HTR reactors – prof. T. Kozłowski
  11. Numerical methods in high temperature nuclear engineering – Dr. S. Potempski
  12. Probabilistic Safety Assessment for combined nuclear and chemical facilities – Dr. K. Kowal
  13. Nuclear reactors – Dr. O. Dorosh
  14. Application of metaheuristics methods and machine learning models in the optimal design of nuclear and chemical facilities – Dr. A. Wawrzyńczak-Szaban
  15. Advanced statistical techniques and data mining for nuclear data – Dr. P. Kopka
  16. Intellectual property – TBA