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Date of defence: 2023-11-07

Curriculum Vitae

Building 39 (“Cyfronet”), room 161
ul. Andrzeja Sołtana 7
05-400 Otwock


PhD Topic: Analysis and development of an MHD Pump for the DFR
Supervisor: prof. dr hab. Konrad Czerski (University of Szczecin & NCBJ, Poland)

Construction and testing of the laboratory-scale Mini-Demonstrator, consisting of two small loops: fuel (depleted Uranium) and coolant (Lead), would require some important components: at least two MHD pumps, vane pumps, melting plugs, ceramic tubes, heating facility, TZM pipes, melting pugs, electronic measurement system, and storage tanks. The Mini-Demonstrator will be used for stability and operation tests of the DFR/m. Particularly for the lead loop, an MHD pump with an equalized flux profile has to be developed. One needs to find an appropriate MHD centrifuge for fuel refining. Alternatively, classical Pb-pumps can be also tested. A proper technique for the Pb/H2O heat exchanger should be chosen. The project would concentrate on the optimization of an MHD pump selection for the facility, first studying the theoretical background, and then selecting the appropriate device for the Mini-Demonstrator.

Seminars and conference talks:

  • Analysis and development of an MHD Pump for the DFR. 25.04.2019, Szczecin, Workshop on Perspectives of Dual Fluid Reactor Technology
  • Application of magnetohydrodynamics pumps in the fuel loop of Dual Fluid Reactor. 18.06.2019, Otwock, NCBJ, UZ3 department seminar
  • Analytical design of the DC magnetohydrodynamic pump. 12.05.2020, Otwock, NCBJ, UZ3 department seminar


  • Nuclear reactors – Dr. O. Dorosh
  • Fundamentals of reactor physics – prof. W. Gudowski
  • Numerical methods in high temperature nuclear engineering – Dr. S. Potempski
  • Reactor physics of HTR-s – prof. J. Cetnar