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Date of defence: 2023-12-19

Curriculum Vitae

Building 39 (“Cyfronet”), room 160
ul. Andrzeja Sołtana 7
05-400, Otwock, Poland,




PhD Topic: Neutron irradiation of ceramic construction material for the Dual Fluid Reactor
Supervisor: prof. Konrad Czerski

The reactor core of the Dual Fluid Reactor consists of ceramic tubes where the liquid fuel (uranium chlorides or metallic uranium) is moved. Thus, the crystal defects induced by neutron irradiation in the applied ceramic materials (SiC, ZrC, TiC) play a crucial role in the mechanical stability of the reactor core.
Within the project, the ceramic samples will be irradiated in the research reactor “Maria” and the annealing process of crystal defects at high temperatures (the operating temperature of the DFR reaches 1000°C) will be investigated and its influence on the mechanical stability determined. The results will be compared with
the data obtained in irradiation experiments using swift heavy ions.

Seminars and conference talks:

  • E. Kucal „Neutron irradiation of ceramic construction material”, Workshop on Perspectives of Dual Fluid Reactor Technology, 25 – 27.04.2019, Szczecin, Poland


  • Nuclear reactors – Dr. O. Dorosh
  • Fundamentals of reactor physics – prof. W. Gudowski
  • Numerical methods in high temperature nuclear engineering – Dr. S. Potempski
  • Reactor physics of HTR-s – prof. J. Cetnar