UZ3 seminar 06.06.2023

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Jacek Kałowski


Analysis of input data sources to safety classification of systems, structures and components of a research reactor


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Seminarium Zakładu Energetyki Jądrowej i Analiz Środowiska (UZ3)
Departament Badań Układów Złożonych (DUZ)

Wtorek: 06.06.2023

Safety Classification of Structures, Systems, and Components of a nuclear reactor is an obligatory step in the design of a new nuclear facility. A Safety Classification project performed for Maria Research Reactor was the first of its kind in Poland, following requirements described in Polish Atomic Law. The author contributed to the design of classification procedures used in the project and the definition of the probabilistic approach to safety classification in the Polish regulatory environment. The probabilistic aspects of safety classification were the topic of the first publication in the author’s Ph.D. program. The second planned publication is focused on PSA (Probabilistic Safety Assessment) models used in the safety classification process and the input data sources that are available in the literature, industrial sources, and Maria Research Reactor’s own records. The approach and the tools used in the study are the topic of this talk.

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Mariusz Dąbrowski, Tomasz Kwiatkowski


Biographical Notes:
Jacek Kałowski – serves as a safety and reliability analysis specialist in NCBJ – Division of Nuclear Energy and Environmental Studies. He has more than 10 years of experience with statistical reliability analysis, reliability test design including accelerated life testing and HALT testing, FMEA analysis and RAMS modelling. In the past he contributed to analytical and R&D projects in multiple international organizations e.g. Volvo Cars, Bayer Technical Services, Siemens, Tetrapak, and trained more than a hundred engineers in the use of reliability analysis tools and methods. Currently, in NCBJ, he is involved with Eurofusion WPENS and HTGR projects in RAMI and safety studies as well as an application (industrial) Ph.D. program in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology.