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On Monday, 07.10.2019, prof. Jaakko Leppänen from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland gave a brilliant and motivating seminar: “Past, present and future challenges of developing the Serpent Monte Carlo code”.

Professor Jaakko Leppänen is called “Linus of the reactor physics” because, like Linus Torvalds, who independently created a new computer system called Linux, prof. Leppänen created SERPENT – a completely new program for neutronic calculations.

The seminar met with keen interest not only of PhD students and employees of NCBJ but also of numerous guests from outside the Institute.

Professor Leppänen had the opportunity to visit the research reactor MARIA and later he shared his experience with our PhD students who are already planning to write their own codes … We keep our fingers crossed!

The presentation is available here.